How to Get Free Hotel Vouchers for the Homeless?

When homelessness is a growing concern, understanding how to access essential resources like free hotel vouchers can be life-changing.

This guide is dedicated to addressing the complexities of getting these vouchers, an important tool in the fight against homelessness.

Whether you are experiencing homelessness, a concerned citizen, or a social worker aiming to help, this comprehensive introduction will walk you through the process of getting a hotel voucher.

We will explore various avenues, including government initiatives, non-profit organizations, and community-driven efforts, aimed at providing temporary shelter to those in need.

This information not only highlights the availability of such resources but also underscores the importance of compassionate community involvement in addressing homelessness.

Join us as we discover practical steps and valuable insights on how to get free hotel vouchers, a small but significant step towards providing relief and hope to the homeless.

What are Hotel Vouchers?

Hotel Voucher

Hotel vouchers are essentially special coupons or tickets offered by various organizations that can be used to obtain temporary accommodation in hotels or motels by individuals who are homeless or in crisis.

These vouchers are usually funded through government programs, charities, or direct partnerships with hotels.

They are designed to provide safe and temporary shelter for individuals and families when they have no other housing options available.

These vouchers are intended to provide immediate relief from homelessness situations, often serving as a temporary solution while more permanent housing arrangements are sought.

Where to Get Free Hotel Vouchers?

Where to Get Free Hotel Vouchers

Many government programs and non-profit organizations offer free hotel vouchers for the homeless.

If you also want to get this voucher, you can participate in these government programs or contact non-profit organizations.

Here are some government programs and non-profit organizations that help with free hotel vouchers:

Government Programs that help with hotel vouchers

Some government programs can help with hotel vouchers for people facing homelessness or emergency situations.

Here are some government programs that can help with hotel vouchers:

1. Emergency Solutions Grants (ESG)

The Emergency Solutions Grants (ESG) program, funded by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), can indirectly help those experiencing homelessness or housing crisis obtain free hotel vouchers as part of its broader objective.

While the ESG program itself does not provide hotel vouchers directly, it allocates funds to local governments and non-profit organizations, which can use these funds to offer emergency shelter solutions, including hotel or motel vouchers.

Individuals in need of such assistance can access these resources through local homeless service agencies or organizations that participate in the ESG program.

These local agencies assess individual needs and may provide hotel vouchers as a temporary solution for emergency shelters.

2. Continuum of Care (CoC) Program

The US The Continuum of Care (CoC) program administered by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) focuses primarily on long-term solutions to homelessness.

However, it may indirectly help in obtaining free hotel vouchers for temporary accommodation in emergency situations.

CoCs coordinate with local housing and service organizations to address various aspects of homelessness.

While the CoC program itself does not directly provide hotel vouchers, agencies, and non-profit organizations within the CoC network can offer them using funds allocated for emergency shelter and housing solutions.

Individuals who are homeless or at risk can contact their local CoC to learn about available resources, including possible access to emergency hotel vouchers as a short-term housing solution while more permanent options are being arranged.

3. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) provides assistance, including free hotel vouchers, primarily in the context of disaster response.

When a federal disaster is declared, FEMA’s Temporary Shelter Assistance (TSA) program can be activated to assist individuals and families who have been displaced from their homes.

The program may include providing free vouchers for hotels to those whose homes have been rendered uninhabitable by disasters such as floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, or wildfires.

To access these vouchers, affected individuals need to apply for FEMA assistance, which can usually be done online, by phone, or at a FEMA Disaster Recovery Center.

While FEMA’s assistance is primarily for disaster-related displacement, it plays a critical role in providing temporary housing solutions, including hotel stays, during such emergencies.

4. Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), a federal program in the United States, is primarily designed to provide financial assistance to low-income families.

While the main goal of TANF is to help these families achieve self-sufficiency, it can also be used to meet emergency needs, including temporary housing, in certain situations.

In some states and localities, TANF funds may be allocated to assist with homeless vouchers for hotels for families who are homeless or in immediate need of temporary shelter.

To get such assistance, eligible families should contact their local TANF office or Department of Social Services.

The specifics of this assistance, including eligibility criteria and availability of hotel vouchers, may vary by state and locality, reflecting the program’s flexibility in addressing the diverse needs of low-income families.

5. State Homeless Assistance Programs

State homeless assistance programs available in various US states often include provisions for free hotel room vouchers as a temporary housing solution for individuals and families experiencing homelessness.

The purpose of these state-run programs is to provide immediate shelter in situations where traditional homeless shelters are full, unavailable, or inadequate.

Individuals seeking access to these vouchers should contact local homeless service providers, state social services departments, or continuity of care (CoC) programs in their area.

Availability and eligibility criteria for these vouchers may vary by state, reflecting differences in funding, program structures, and specific state policies regarding homeless assistance.

6. Social Services Block Grant (SSBG)

The Social Services Block Grant (SSBG) is a federal program in the United States that provides funds to states to support a variety of social services, including those aimed at addressing homelessness and housing crises.

While not explicitly designated for hotel vouchers, states have the discretion to use these funds for a range of services, potentially including temporary housing assistance like hotel vouchers for individuals and families in need.

The use of SSBG funds for such purposes varies by state, depending on each state’s priorities and the specific programs they implement.

Individuals seeking assistance, including potential access to hotel vouchers, should contact local social service agencies for information on programs and services funded by SSBG in their area.

7. Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing (VASH) Program

The Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing (VASH) Program is a collaborative initiative between the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

The program is designed to assist homeless veterans by providing them with housing vouchers and comprehensive support services.

While the VASH Program primarily focuses on providing long-term housing solutions for homeless veterans, doesn’t directly offer free hotel vouchers for temporary stays.

Instead, it combines HUD housing choice vouchers with VA supportive services to help veterans secure permanent housing.

For homeless veterans seeking immediate, temporary shelter, such as hotel vouchers, other VA resources or local homeless assistance programs may be more applicable.

Contacting a local VA facility or community-based outreach programs that work with veterans can be a starting point for accessing these types of short-term housing resources.

Additionally, local non-profits and charitable organizations often have programs or can provide information specific to temporary housing assistance, including hotel vouchers, for veterans in need.

Non-Profit Organizations That Help with Free Hotel Vouchers

Numerous non-profit organizations provide assistance with free hotel vouchers, especially for individuals and families facing homelessness or other emergency situations.

These organizations often work in partnership with local governments and other agencies to provide temporary shelter solutions.

Here are some non-profit organizations that help with hotel vouchers:

1. The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army offers assistance to those facing homelessness, including free hotel vouchers as part of their emergency services.

These vouchers are intended for individuals and families who cannot access traditional shelters and are in immediate need of temporary housing.

To get these vouchers, one should contact their local Salvation Army center, where they will undergo an assessment to determine their eligibility and needs.

Availability of these vouchers can vary depending on the resources and policies of the local Salvation Army branch, and they often come with additional support services to aid beneficiaries in finding longer-term housing solutions.

2. Catholic Charities

Catholic Charities, a notable network of charitable organizations, provides various forms of assistance to those in need, including support for homeless individuals and families.

In some regions, this includes offering free hotel vouchers as a temporary housing solution when other shelter options are unavailable or full.

These vouchers are part of their broader effort to address homelessness and provide emergency assistance.

Individuals seeking help, such as access to hotel vouchers, should contact their local Catholic Charities office.

The availability of these vouchers and the eligibility criteria for receiving them can vary based on the resources and policies of each local branch.

Alongside temporary housing solutions, Catholic Charities also offers a range of supportive services aimed at helping individuals achieve longer-term stability.

3. United Way

United Way, through its extensive network and community-focused initiatives, offers support for individuals facing homelessness, which can include assistance in obtaining free hotel vouchers.

One of their key resources is the 2-1-1 helpline, a comprehensive source of local social services information across the U.S.

Individuals in need of temporary housing such as hotel vouchers, can call this helpline at 2-1-1 to get connected with relevant local programs and services that United Way supports or collaborates with.

United Way’s involvement with various community organizations and agencies allows them to guide those in need towards available resources, including emergency shelter options and potentially hotel vouchers.

The availability and specifics of such assistance vary by location, depending on the resources of the local United Way chapter and the partnerships they have established within the community.

4. Red Cross

The American Red Cross provides assistance in emergency situations, including offering emergency vouchers for hotels to individuals and families displaced by disasters, such as fires, floods, or hurricanes.

In cases where traditional emergency shelters are not available or are at full capacity, the Red Cross may arrange for temporary hotel stays to ensure that those affected have a safe place to stay.

People in need of such emergency housing assistance should contact their local Red Cross chapter or the national hotline at 1 800 RED CROSS ( 1-800-733-2767) to inquire about the availability of hotel vouchers.

Those seeking disaster relief and other support services from the Red Cross for recovery can also approach them.

5. St. Vincent De Paul Society

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul offers support to individuals and families facing homelessness, which can include the provision of free hotel vouchers for temporary accommodation.

To access these services individuals should contact their local St. Vincent de Paul chapter, typically found through Catholic parishes or community centers.

The organization assesses each individual’s circumstances to provide tailored support, which may include hotel vouchers in situations where other shelter options are unavailable.

The availability of such vouchers and the specific criteria for receiving them vary depending on the resources and policies of the local St. Vincent de Paul.

Additionally, they often provide other forms of assistance and support to help individuals on their path to stability.

6. Community Action Agencies

Community Action Agencies across the United States provide various forms of assistance to individuals and families facing economic hardships, including those experiencing homelessness.

One of the services they may offer is the provision of free hotel vouchers for temporary shelter.

These vouchers are typically given in situations where immediate housing is needed and other options, such as shelters, are not available or are full.

To access these services, individuals should reach out to their local Community Action Agency.

The agency will assess their specific situation and determine eligibility for assistance, which can include hotel vouchers among other supportive services.

The availability of hotel vouchers and the criteria for their distribution can vary depending on the resources and policies of each individual Community Action Agency.

7. Family Promise

Family Promise, primarily known for its Interfaith Hospitality Networks, generally does not provide free hotel vouchers as a part of its services.

Instead, their focus is on offering shelter and comprehensive support through a network of local congregations and community organizations.

This network collaborates to host homeless families, providing them not only with a place to stay but also with meals and intensive case management.

The goal is to assist these families in finding permanent housing and achieving sustainable independence.

For families in immediate need of shelter who may be seeking hotel vouchers, contacting local homeless shelters, social service agencies, or organizations like The Salvation Army or Catholic Charities might offer alternative solutions for temporary accommodation.


The YWCA (Young Women’s Christian Association) and YMCA (Young Men’s Christian Association), while primarily focused on community development and support services, do not typically provide free hotel vouchers as a standard offering.

However, in certain circumstances or locations, they may offer emergency shelter services or have the means to assist in finding temporary accommodation, which can include hotel vouchers, particularly in emergency situations.

For those in need of immediate housing assistance, contacting the local YWCA or YMCA can be a beneficial step.

They can guide available resources or direct individuals to other organizations that might offer hotel vouchers for temporary shelter.

Additionally, both organizations offer various supportive services that can assist individuals and families in overcoming challenges related to homelessness.

9. Regional or Local Non-Profits

Regional or local non-profits often provide critical support to the homeless, including the provision of free hotel vouchers in certain situations.

These organizations, deeply embedded in their communities, understand local needs and resources, enabling them to offer targeted assistance.

While not all non-profits may have the capacity to provide hotel vouchers directly, many can facilitate access to them or guide individuals to other services that do.

These vouchers serve as temporary housing solutions when other options, such as shelters, are unavailable.

For those in need of such assistance, reaching out to local non-profits, especially those focused on homelessness or emergency services, is recommended.

They can provide information on the availability of hotel vouchers and assist with the application process, along with offering other supportive services to help individuals and families transition to more stable housing solutions.

10. Local Churches

Local churches are often a resource for individuals and families experiencing homelessness, providing support that may include free hotel vouchers.

While not all churches have the means to offer such vouchers directly, many can assist through their outreach programs or by referring to community partners who do.

These vouchers are typically provided as a temporary solution for immediate shelter needs, particularly when other options like shelters are full. Those in need can approach churches in their area for assistance.

The church staff or volunteers will either provide the vouchers directly, if available or guide them to local organizations and services that can help.

The availability of hotel vouchers and the criteria for receiving them depend on the resources and policies of each church and its network within the community.

Eligibility Criteria for Getting Free Hotel Vouchers

Eligibility criteria for getting free hotel vouchers may vary depending on the organization or agency providing them and specific program guidelines.

However, free hotel vouchers are generally provided to people who qualify for the following eligibility criteria:

  • Homelessness or risk of homelessness: The primary criterion is usually whether the individual or family is currently homeless or at imminent risk of becoming homeless. This may need to be verified through various means, such as a referral from a shelter or social service agency.
  • Income level: Many programs have income requirements, often aimed at helping people with little or no income. Applicants may be required to provide proof of their financial situation.
  • Family Status: Some programs give priority to families with children, pregnant women, or single parents. The definition of ‘family’ can vary, and it is important to understand how it is defined by a particular program.
  • Emergency situations: Priority is given to people in emergency situations, such as domestic violence, natural disasters, or other emergencies that result in sudden homelessness.
  • Local Residency: Some programs may require that the applicant be a resident of the city or county where services are provided.
  • Special Considerations: Certain groups, such as veterans, the elderly, or persons with disabilities, may receive special consideration or have specific programs dedicated to them.
  • Program-Specific Requirements: Some programs may have unique requirements, such as participation in case management services, job training programs, or other support services.
  • Length of stay: There may be limits on how long you’ve been homeless or requirements on how long it’s been since you last received assistance.

How to Get Free Hotel Vouchers?

How to Get Free Hotel Vouchers

To get free hotel vouchers, you usually need to follow a few steps, which may vary depending on your location and the specific programs available.

You can get free hotel vouchers by following the steps given below:

  1. Identify Potential Sources: Research and identify organizations that offer hotel vouchers, such as local non-profits, churches, social service agencies, or government programs.
  2. Initial Contact: Reach out to these organizations either by phone, online, or in person to inquire about the availability of hotel vouchers and the application process.
  3. Eligibility Assessment: Most organizations will have an eligibility assessment to determine if you qualify for a hotel voucher. This may include questions about your current housing situation, income status, and any immediate needs.
  4. Required Documentation: Be prepared to provide necessary documentation. This could include identification, proof of income (or lack thereof), and evidence of your housing crisis or homelessness.
  5. Application Form: If eligible, you’ll likely need to fill out an application form. This form will ask for personal information, details about your housing situation, and possibly some background information.
  6. Interview or Meeting: Some organizations may require an interview or face-to-face meeting as part of the application process to better understand your situation and needs.
  7. Wait Time: After submitting your application, there may be a waiting period while your application is being processed.
  8. Voucher Issuance: If your application is approved, the organization will provide you with a hotel voucher. Details about how to use the voucher, the duration of stay it covers, and any other relevant information will be explained to you.
  9. Follow-up Services: Some organizations may also offer or refer you to additional support services, such as housing assistance, counseling, or job training programs.

Limitations and Challenges to Obtaining Free Hotel Vouchers for the Homeless

While free hotel vouchers are a valuable resource for providing immediate shelter to the homeless, there are several limitations and challenges associated with their use:

  • Short-term Solution: Hotel vouchers are typically a temporary fix, offering shelter for a limited time, which may not be sufficient to resolve the underlying issues of homelessness.
  • Limited Availability: The number of vouchers available is often constrained by funding and resources, which means not everyone in need can access them.
  • Eligibility Restrictions: There are often specific eligibility criteria that must be met, which can exclude some individuals or families in need.
  • Lack of Permanent Housing Solutions: Relying on hotel vouchers doesn’t address the need for long-term, stable housing, which is the ultimate goal for those experiencing homelessness.
  • Geographic Constraints: The availability of hotels or motels willing to accept vouchers can be limited, particularly in rural or less populated areas.
  • Administrative Challenges: The process of obtaining vouchers can be bureaucratic and time-consuming, which can be a barrier for those in urgent need.
  • Quality and Safety of Accommodations: Not all hotels or motels accepting vouchers maintain high standards of cleanliness or safety, which can be concerning for families with children or individuals with health issues.

This guide provides information on how to get free hotel vouchers for homeless people. If you also want free hotel vouchers, you can participate in government programs like Emergency Solutions Grants (ESG) and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), or contact non-profit organizations like The Salvation Army and Catholic Charities.

It is important to note that to receive a voucher you must meet eligibility criteria set by the program and the nonprofit organization, which may vary by location and program. It is important that you first check whether you qualify for a free hotel voucher by contacting a government agency or non-profit.

If you are eligible then you can apply by submitting the required documents to them. Additionally, while hotel vouchers provide critical immediate relief, it is important to note that you must take the necessary steps to address the critical issue of homelessness.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Are Hotel Vouchers for the Homeless?

Hotel vouchers are special coupons or tickets provided by various organizations that homeless individuals can use for temporary accommodation in hotels or motels.

Who Offers Free Hotel Vouchers?

Free hotel vouchers are typically offered by government programs (such as Emergency Solutions Grants, FEMA, and TANF), and non-profit organizations like The Salvation Army, Catholic Charities, and United Way.

How to Get a Free Hotel Room Homeless?

To get a free hotel room if you’re homeless, contact local homeless shelters, social service agencies, or non-profit organizations like The Salvation Army and Catholic Charities. They can provide information on how to access hotel vouchers funded by government programs or charitable initiatives.

How to Get Vouchers for Hotels?

To get vouchers for hotels, contact local homeless assistance programs, and non-profit organizations like The Salvation Army or Catholic Charities, and inquire about their voucher programs. They will guide you through the eligibility assessment and application process.

Where Can I Get a Hotel Voucher?

You can get a hotel voucher from local homeless assistance programs, government agencies (like those offering Emergency Solutions Grants), and non-profit organizations such as The Salvation Army, Catholic Charities, or local churches. Contact these agencies directly to inquire about availability and eligibility.

How Can I Get Motel Vouchers?

You can get a free motel voucher by following the steps below:

  1. Contact local homeless shelters and social services agencies.
  2. Reach out to non-profit organizations such as The Salvation Army, Catholic Charities, or United Way.
  3. Inquire about government assistance programs in your area that might offer motel vouchers.
  4. Check with local churches or community centers, as they sometimes provide emergency assistance including motel vouchers.

Who Helps with Motel Vouchers?

Motel vouchers are typically provided by:

  1. Local Homeless Shelters and Social Services: These agencies often have information about available emergency housing resources.
  2. Non-Profit Organizations: Groups like The Salvation Army, Catholic Charities, and United Way frequently assist with motel vouchers for those in need.
  3. Government Assistance Programs: Some government programs, like Emergency Solutions Grants (ESG), may offer motel vouchers.
  4. Community and Faith-Based Organizations: Local churches and community groups sometimes provide motel vouchers as part of their outreach services.

Where Can I Get a Hotel Voucher for the Homeless?

Here is a list of places that help with hotel vouchers for the homeless:

  • Local Homeless Shelters
  • Social Services Agencies
  • The Salvation Army
  • Catholic Charities
  • United Way
  • Government Assistance Programs (such as Emergency Solutions Grants or Temporary Assistance for
  • Needy Families)
  • Community Centers
  • Local Churches
  • Red Cross
  • Community Action Agencies
  • Local Non-Profit Organizations focusing on homelessness or emergency assistance
  • Veterans Affairs Offices (for veterans)
  • State Homeless Assistance Programs
  • Local Government Housing Departments

Can Families with Children Access Hotel Vouchers?

Yes, many programs prioritize families with children, pregnant women, or single parents, although eligibility criteria may vary.

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