Top Apartments That Accept Evictions Nationwide

Many individuals and families face challenges when looking for a place to live due to past evictions on their records. But one should not be punished forever because of past mistakes, everyone deserves a second chance. Many landlords understand this and are willing to rent to individuals with a history of eviction. Additionally, the collaboration of several property management companies has made it much easier for them to find apartments that accept evictions.

Many online websites and property management companies have numerous accommodation options available for such individuals.

This article will provide a comprehensive list of apartments that accept evictions and provide insight into the eviction process and how landlords and property managers handle such situations.

What is an Eviction?

What is an Eviction

An eviction is a legal procedure where a landlord removes a tenant from their rental property.

Landlords cannot evict tenants without cause, but there may be reasons for which they can give a tenant an eviction notice.

These reasons include non-payment of rent, damages, illegal activity, violation of lease terms, or if the landlord wants to take possession of the property, etc.

Being evicted can significantly impact an individual’s rental history, making it difficult for them to find future housing.

Most landlords and property management companies are wary of individuals with a history of evictions and do not accept them as tenants.

However, there are apartments that accept eviction and are designed to cater to those who have faced such challenges.

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Why Some Apartments Accept Evictions?

Why Some Apartments Accept Evictions

While many landlords and property management companies are wary of renting to individuals with a history of evictions, some apartments are more lenient.

There may be several reasons why some apartments accept evictions, some of which are listed below:

  1. High Vacancy Rates: In areas with a high vacancy rate, landlords might be more willing to take on tenants with less-than-perfect rental histories to fill their units.
  2. Shortage of Qualified Renters: In some markets, there may be a shortage of tenants with decent rent-paying and credit histories. Landlords in these areas might be more open to renting to individuals with evictions.
  3. Specialized Business Model: Some landlords and property management companies specialize in working with tenants who have challenging rental histories. They might have a more comprehensive screening process that looks beyond just the eviction.

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List of Apartments That Accept Evictions

Apartments That Accept Evictions List

Finding housing becomes a much more difficult task for tenants when they have a history of eviction.

Fortunately, there are many rental properties or apartment complexes that want to give such people a second chance.

These apartments help individuals to secure housing who have faced financial hardship, are evicted, or have poor credit scores to secure housing.

Some property management companies and rental companies have a list of apartments that accept evictions.

Individuals with a history of eviction can easily find a house of their choice by visiting their official website.

Here are some such companies that have a list of apartments that accept evictions:

1. Guaranteed Apartment Approval

Guaranteed Apartment Approval helps people with credit problems or past rental problems, such as evictions or low credit scores, find an apartment.

They do not check your credit and will help you get approved for an apartment even if you have been denied before.

Even if you have a past eviction history, they guarantee to let you stay in the apartment you choose and love.

All you need is proof of income and passing a criminal background check. They work with a variety of property managers and landlords across the US to find a place that fits your budget.

2. Ways2Rent

Ways2Rent offers a service that helps people who have had trouble renting in the past because of evictions, broken leases, or low credit scores.

They have a program that can get you approved for a new rental without a credit check.

They work with you to make your rental records look better and connect you with apartments or homes that will accept your application despite past issues.

If you’ve been evicted or have a broken lease, Ways2Rent can still help you find a new place to live.

They have a high success rate and offer a free consultation to see if you qualify for their second chance rental program.

3. offers a variety of temporary housing options for tenants, such as professionally serviced apartments, extended-stay hotels, fully furnished apartments for rent-privately owned houses, etc.

Additionally, they also offer short-term and long-term rental solutions to their customers.

Recognizing the diverse needs of its customers, the platform offers properties with flexible lease terms, making them ideal for transitional life stages.

A standout feature is their fully furnished properties, which are ready to move in, reducing hassles associated with relocation.

For those with a history of evictions, this platform offers an opportunity to find a comfortable home without the usual challenges.

4. Alliance Housing Inc.

Housing is more than just four walls; it’s a sanctuary, and “Alliance Housing Inc.” is committed to ensuring everyone has access to this basic need.

Catering especially to those with financial challenges or past evictions, they work relentlessly to provide affordable housing solutions.

Their emphasis on low-income apartments that take evictions makes them a preferred choice for many.

By collaborating with landlords that accept evictions near me, they expand the housing options available, ensuring a wider net of safety for potential tenants.

Their comprehensive approach, which goes beyond just providing homes to offering financial counseling, sets them apart in the housing sector.

5. Second Chance

Life is filled with ups and downs, and Second Chance understands this.

The platform is dedicated to those who’ve faced evictions, offering a vast array of second chance apartments that accept evictions.

With a user-friendly interface and a plethora of listings tailored for individuals with past evictions, the website ensures that everyone gets a fair shot at securing housing.

Moreover, the platform fosters a supportive community where users can share experiences and advice, making the journey less daunting.

6. My Second Chance Rentals

Mistakes happen, but they shouldn’t define one’s future. “My Second Chance Rentals” stands by this philosophy, offering housing solutions tailored for those with eviction histories.

They provide a platform where individuals can seamlessly find private landlords that accept evictions, ensuring that past challenges don’t impede future prospects.

Their extensive listings, ranging from cozy apartments to spacious homes, ensure that everyone finds a place aligned with their needs and budget.

For those actively searching for places that accept evictions, this platform offers a plethora of opportunities, underlining the belief that everyone deserves a second chance.

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7. 2nd Chance Apartment

2nd Chance Apartment is more than just a platform; it’s a belief in redemption.

Dedicated to assisting individuals with past evictions, they’ve curated a robust network of landlords that accept evictions.

Their platform offers a comprehensive range of listings, from cozy apartments to spacious homes, ensuring a fit for every need.

They understand the challenges associated with eviction records and strive to provide solutions that cater to individual needs.

Their commitment to ensuring everyone has access to housing that accepts evictions, irrespective of past challenges, sets them apart in the rental sector.

8. For Rent No Credit Check Corporate Leasing Inc.

No Credit Check for Rent Corporate Leasing Inc. Offers a unique approach to the traditional rental process.

Recognizing that past financial challenges should not define a person’s future, this company evaluates a tenant’s current financial situation.

Since insisting on houses for rent with no credit check, they open the door to many individuals, especially those seeking rentals that accept evictions.

With a range of properties on offer, prospective tenants have a plethora of choices, ensuring they find a home that suits their needs.

9. Anchor Your Assets Lease Guarantee

The journey of finding a home with an eviction record can often feel like an uphill battle. Anchor Your Assets Lease Guarantee stands as a beacon of hope in such scenarios.

By offering lease guarantees, they mitigate the risks for landlords, making it easier for individuals to secure homes, especially those seeking low-income apartments that take evictions.

Their services are a boon for those feeling lost, and trying to find places that accept evictions.

By acting as a mediator between landlords and potential tenants, they ensure that past financial missteps don’t overshadow one’s current potential.

10. Interiors By Lamar National Corporate Leasing

Luxury doesn’t have to be out of reach, even for those with past evictions. Interiors By Lamar National Corporate Leasing stands as a testament to this belief.

Specializing in high-end rentals, they ensure that individuals don’t have to compromise on their living standards due to past challenges.

Each property under its banner boasts top-tier amenities, from state-of-the-art gyms to plush community areas, ensuring residents experience unparalleled comfort and luxury.

11. Corporate Housing By Owner

Corporate Housing By Owner offers a unique blend of flexibility and luxury in the rental market.

Catering to both short-term and long-term renters, they provide properties that are move-in ready and equipped with top-tier amenities.

Their understanding approach means they are one of the few platforms offering cheap apartments that accept evictions near me without compromising on quality.

By collaborating with private landlords who accept evictions, they’ve expanded their listings, ensuring a diverse range of options for potential tenants.

Their emphasis on quality and understanding makes them a preferred choice for many seeking housing that accepts evictions without the usual challenges.

12. Second Chance Network

In the intricate web of the rental market, “Second Chance Network” emerges as a lifeline for many.

Dedicated to assisting individuals with past evictions, they’ve established a robust network of landlords that accept evictions near me.

Their platform is not just a listing site but a community where individuals can share experiences, offer advice, and navigate the challenges of finding a home post-eviction.

Their commitment to ensuring everyone has a roof over their heads, irrespective of past challenges, makes them a standout entity in the rental landscape.

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Are There Any Private Landlords That Accept Evictions?

Private Landlords That Accept Evictions

Yes, there are some private landlords who accept evictions. People with eviction histories face a difficult situation when landlords refuse to keep them as tenants.

But, not all landlords are like that. Some landlords understand that people make mistakes, and everyone deserves a second chance.

These landlords can offer apartments that are eviction-friendly.

Remember that when providing an apartment that accepts evictions, landlords can take the following steps:

  1. Have a more in-depth screening process: Instead of just focusing on the eviction, they might look at the reasons behind it, the potential tenant’s current financial situation, and other factors.
  2. Require a higher security deposit: To mitigate potential risks, landlords might ask for a more substantial security deposit from tenants with a history of eviction.
  3. Offer shorter lease terms: Instead of a year-long lease, they might provide a month-to-month lease to gauge the tenant’s reliability.

It’s essential for potential tenants to be honest about their history and show steps they’ve taken to ensure they won’t face eviction again. This can include proof of steady income, references, or even letters of recommendation.

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Property Management Companies and Apartment Complexes That Accept Evictions

Many apartment complexes that accept evictions work closely with property management companies that specialize in assisting individuals with challenging rental histories.

These professionals act as intermediaries between landlords and potential tenants, ensuring a seamless rental process.

For those seeking apartments near me that accept evictions, these companies often have extensive databases, making the search process more straightforward.

Their expertise and advocacy can also help explain past evictions to landlords, emphasizing a tenant’s current stability and commitment.

  1. List of Apartments That Accept Evictions: Property management companies often have a curated list of apartments that accept evictions nearby. This list can be a valuable resource for those struggling to find housing.
  2. Negotiation: Property management companies can negotiate with landlords on behalf of the tenant, explaining the circumstances of the eviction and providing assurances.
  3. Support and Guidance: Beyond just finding an apartment, property managers can offer advice on improving one’s rental history, financial planning, and ensuring that future tenancies are successful.

Furthermore, many property management companies that accept evictions have established protocols to accommodate tenants with past evictions. They might have specialized screening processes, offer renter’s education programs, or provide additional resources to ensure a successful tenancy.

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Another Ways to Find Apartments That Accept Evictions

Ways to Find Apartments That Accept Evictions

Certainly, securing an apartment after an eviction can be challenging, but it’s not impossible. Here are some alternative ways to find apartments that accept evictions:

  1. Personal References: Sometimes, a strong recommendation from a previous landlord, employer, or respected community member can help mitigate the impact of an eviction. They can vouch for your character, responsibility, and reliability.
  2. Co-signer or Guarantor: If you have someone willing to vouch for you financially, they can co-sign the lease. This gives the landlord added security, knowing that there’s another party responsible for the rent if you default.
  3. Higher Deposit: Offering to pay a higher security deposit can act as a good-faith gesture, showing the landlord that you’re serious about the commitment.
  4. Private Landlords: Instead of large apartment complexes or property management companies look for properties owned by individual landlords. They might be more flexible and willing to listen to your story.
  5. Show Financial Stability: Presenting proof of steady employment, recent pay stubs, or a bank statement can demonstrate your current financial stability, making you a less risky tenant.
  6. Renters’ Programs: Some cities offer programs designed to help individuals with evictions or poor credit find housing. Check with local non-profits or housing agencies.
  7. Roommates: Consider moving in with someone who already has an apartment or house. While you won’t be the primary leaseholder, you’ll have a place to stay.
  8. Short-term or Subletting: Look for short-term rental opportunities or sublets. These often require less stringent background checks.
  9. Be Honest: When discussing with potential landlords, be upfront about your past eviction. Explaining the circumstances can sometimes lead to understanding.
  10. Legal Counsel: If the eviction was unjust or there were mitigating circumstances, consider seeking legal advice. A lawyer might help in getting the eviction expunged from your record.
  11. Rehabilitation Programs: Some organizations offer rehabilitation programs for individuals with evictions. Completing such a program can show potential landlords that you’ve taken steps to address and rectify past mistakes.
  12. Online Platforms: Websites like “2nd Chance Apartment” or “My Second Chance Rentals” cater specifically to those with evictions or poor credit, helping them find accommodating landlords.
  13. Local Classifieds: Sometimes, landlords post rental listings in local newspapers or community boards without requiring a background check.
  14. Social Networking: Let friends, family, and acquaintances know you’re looking for a place. Sometimes, personal connections can lead to rental opportunities.

Remember, while an eviction can be a setback, it’s not the end of your rental journey. With persistence, honesty, and a proactive approach, you can find a welcoming place to call home.

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For those who have faced evictions, the journey to find “apartments that accept evictions” might seem tough, but there are avenues to explore. Several specialized websites cater specifically to individuals with eviction histories, and there are landlords who are understanding and willing to give second chances.

Leveraging personal references, offering a higher security deposit, and demonstrating current financial stability can make a significant difference in your application. Additionally, being upfront and honest about your eviction history when discussing with potential landlords can lead to more understanding and flexibility.

While the process might require a bit more effort and persistence, there are definitely apartments out there that accept evictions.

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